Favorite Places to Shop

Hello, everyone! Since this is one of my first posts, I want to talk about some of my favorite places to shop (both physical stores and online). I’m sure some of my readers will have some of the same brands, but I’d also love to hear about some other brands I haven’t shopped yet.

  1. Lane Bryant
    Lane Bryant was the store that first helped me somewhat enjoy shopping for clothes as a plus size chick. The first time I put on Lane Bryant jeans, I fell in love. I’m still in love, since this place is pretty trendy and awesome. However, because of that, I can’t afford it super often.
  2. Torrid
    torridTorrid is another cool and trendy, but expensive place to shop. It’s a little bit edgier than Lane Bryant, which I enjoy as a rocker chick, and its Disney collection is amazing. I just wish I could afford it more often.
  3. Rainbow Shops
    Rainbow is the store I mentioned in my introductory post (the place where I got the cute tube top). While this place can occasionally be a hit-or-miss (mostly at my local store), I tend to find quite a few cute things there. It’s cheaper than Lane Bryant and Torrid while still remaining pretty trendy for people in their teens or twenties. Cute shoes there, too, though maybe not the best quality for $20-$30.

Those are the top three I can think of right now. I tried Forever 21+ once, but it wasn’t a good experience. (I’ll save all of the places I feel iffy about for another day.) I also want to try Modcloth and Target’s new plus size selections in the future.

Let’s start a conversation! Which places are your favorites?


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