My Top 5 Plus Size Shopping Problems

Hello, everyone! Now, having curves can be pretty awesome most of the time. But sometimes the same things that make us pretty awesome tend to cause a few issues, especially when shopping. Today, I’m going go through my main five clothing issues as a (short) plus size woman.

  1. “Petite” and “short” my ass! Basically, pants are still too long for us folks shorter than about 5′ 2″ – 5′ 4″. I have so many pairs of “petite” or “short” jeans that you wouldn’t even be able to tell are just that because I’m still stepping on them. (Yes, there is always a way to fix that, but I don’t like that I have to regardless.) Like I always say when I’m shopping: I guess, in order to be fat, you must be at least 5′ 7″!
  2. Shopping for shorts + too much booty = not a fun time. I can’t even begin to go through the process of shopping for shorts; it’s that frustrating. A lot of people can put on a pair of shorts and be all right. But, for those of us with some junk in the trunk, it’s absolutely necessary to perform about seven different tests in the dressing room before committing to a pair (like sitting down, bending over like you dropped something, walking, and squatting) to avoid denim wedgies as well as exposed butt cheeks.
  3. What a weird bra size I have! Shopping for bras is truly an annoying experience (though shopping for jeans is definitely worse). Technically, I’m a B cup, so my cup size would fit in any old store. The issue is my measurement around is a 40, and you rarely find a 40B anywhere except for Lane Bryant and Torrid. (Well, at least from what I’ve tried to look for that’s what I’ve come up with.) Add on the fact that I need some padding to boost the girls, too. Oh, and sometimes the cute bras at Lane Bryant or Torrid are too big for me. That sucks, too.
  4. Speaking of boobs: there’s barely any cleavage! Even when I have on the perfect bra that makes the girls look absolutely perky and fantastic, an issue I have with tops is filling out. On the rare occasions that my shirt needs to be an 18/20, I better pray that the v-neck doesn’t go down to my stomach. For example, I have a nice kimono top I love to wear, but I can only wear it when I have my padded strapless bra on. Big girl with some little boobs *said in a Chris Farley “fat guy in a little coat” tune*!
  5. Store sizes absolutely suck and need to be universal. The only universal thing about this statement is that all of us ladies (as well as thinner ladies) have this same issue with every store we shop at. It always depends on the store, the cut, your measurements that don’t match up to the size guide half the time, blah blah blah. It’s even worse when you’re shopping online and basically going out on a limb and praying for a good result. Hopefully clothing companies get the hint to get cracking on this change soon!

And there you have it. Feel free to share your struggles with me below in the comments so we can have a conversation!


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