Jess’s Shopping List Item #1: Plus Size Leopard Print Blazer

Photo courtesy of

Hello, everyone! Today is the day I begin ogling some clothing and archiving it all for you guys to enjoy. For people who are not aware, I am, basically, a walking 80s rock cliche half the time. I enjoy my leather pants, leather jacket, and studded almost everything. But the most cliche thing that I love about that time is animal print, especially leopard print. If it has leopard print on it, I want it.

I scrolled through my Tumblr dashboard just a few minutes ago, and I just had to give this a look. This is a leopard print blazer from a store I have already mentioned a few times here called Rainbow. This blazer is available in 1X, 2X, and 3X, and it isn’t very expensive, either, at $22.97 (not including shipping, but still).

Hopefully at some point I can pick this up and love it forever and ever. I need more leopard print, seeing that I only have one leopard print dress.

If you want to take a look and buy it, either click the photo or click HERE to get to Rainbow’s website.


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