My Makeup Evolution

As I mentioned in a previous post, I played with makeup at an early age just as many other little girls do, and then I grew out of it. For years I thought I would be the last person who would have any interest in beauty. Now look at me; I’m running my own fashion and beauty blog, and I’m even contemplating going to cosmetology school. Since I recognized this shift, I wanted to explore just how I transitioned into a makeup geek over the years.

My earliest recollection is that picture of little me my has where I’m applying a tiny lipstick with a hat and big sunglasses on. (I was a really cute kid. Just saying.) Then there was this roll-on eyeshadow that was shimmery gold I found in my house that I’d put on and then put my glasses on. (I think there was a time when I took my glasses off and walked around blind for the sake of looking good, too.) Otherwise, I mainly used those old-school Lip Smackers balms.

As I got older, I turned into a frumpy, tough tomboy. It would have taken a miracle to get me to do something to my hair other than brush it or pull it back into a messy ponytail, so it’s easy to assume that makeup didn’t exist in my world anymore until early in high school. But, even then, it wasn’t like I really had any application skills.

15 years old vs. 22 years old

The way I applied my eyeliner was, pretty much, draw around the shape of my eye and pray I didn’t look like a raccoon when I finished. (I also remember trying some terrible “Egyptian” look, which was an absolute failure.) Eyeshadow got slapped on with the crappy little sponge applicator that came with it. I didn’t know about primer, so my purple shadow was very faint. And, for whatever reason, the first lip color I ever worked with was red (the Revlon Colorstay Overtime “Stay Currant” stuff that takes a jackhammer to remove, at that).

As time went on, my eyeliner looked a little better, and my red lips looked less wobbly than before. But college was when my makeup started getting serious. I splurged on Kat Von D’s “Chrysalis” eyeshadow palette and got some small brushes for better application. My lipstick shades expanded to nudes, purples, and even black. I found eyeshadow primer and liquid liner. Putting on makeup became an art more than a laborious task.

My makeup skills and interests, today, are even better than only two months ago, and I feel proud about that. I’ve started exploring the world of face makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, and bronzer) and different techniques in which to apply them. I’ve come pretty close to mastering winged eyeliner and want to practice a gel liner cat eye. I finally bought a blending brush a couple weeks ago for my eyeshadow. And I never knew the importance of lip liner until I finally got one…and four more after that. When I’m not doing my makeup, I’m always learning by watching YouTube videos or reading.

Makeup has not only boosted my belief in myself, but it’s also been saving my life, in a way. Whenever I start feeling worthless or useless, I can do my makeup and realize the talents I have to make myself feel beautiful. It brings up passion inside of me, giving me a vague sense of direction and also igniting my passion for writing that I lost. I get that feeling of worth back and maybe, just maybe, feel hopeful for my future.


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