Disappointing Pants at Torrid


When I took a trip to Torrid a few weeks ago, I originally went to find items that interested me from the Rebel Wilson collection. However, when I made my way to the clearance pants rack, I found the awesome pants shown above. I had seen them online for about $100, so when I saw them for cheaper in-store, I knew I had to try them on (especially because I fell in love with the oxblood color).

The only pair of oxbloods left was a 20, which I figured could work. I also grabbed a black pair in an 18, just to be safe. Of course, the oxblood pair went on first once that dressing room door closed. But I didn’t get the magical reaction to them that I thought I would.

They fit fine around my waist, but the legs were so big on me that the supposed-to-be sleek faux leather pants more resembled those on parachute pants. (Last I checked, I’m not MC Hammer.) I felt discouraged, but I still hoped that a size smaller would fit me perfectly. That wasn’t the case, either, apparently.

I will say that the black size 18 pair I put on next looked much better on my legs. If only they didn’t almost cut me in half around the waist. Even more discouraged, I walked around a little bit, hoping that maybe they were loose enough when I moved that I could power through the tight fit. Unfortunately, I almost walked like a cowboy in a shoot-out because they were that tight on me.

I can’t say that the pants are absolutely beautiful because they really are. And, obviously, not every pair of pants will fit every body type. Regardless, I have had the same issue with some different pant styles in Torrid’s catalog as well as even a pair of Tripp faux leather pants, which really disappoints me. I have a more prominent waistline, and my legs are much more toned and thinner than my stomach, which sometimes makes shopping for nice pants like that tough; I fill out one section, but not the other. Add the fact that I’m short into the equation, and that equals a struggle trifecta.

If you’re taller and not in between thinner or thicker legs, these pants will look absolutely gorgeous on you; if they’re on sale near you, don’t hesitate to grab them up. It just stinks that they didn’t work out for me.


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