Batman Banter: ‘The Killing Joke’ Movie Review

Greetings from the silence, guys! In the past, I mentioned that I have quite a few interests outside of makeup and beauty (some that may even combine with those two focuses), but I’ve yet to make any posts revolving around them. So welcome to my first Batman Banter post! I will make this the names of my talks about everything and anything Batman-related, since he is my absolute favorite superhero and Batman comics are amazing. Hope you enjoy!

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As most avid Batman fans knew, whether from previous news announcements or from cast talks at this year’s San Diego Comic Con a few weeks ago, director Sam Liu and renowned past Batman writer Brian Azzarello created a movie rendition of Alan Moore’s infamous Joker-focused comic titled¬†The Killing Joke. Now,¬†The Killing Joke is one of the most influential comic books in the history of comics (even outside of the Batman community) and gives fans some sort of canon backstory of the Joker while still never truly knowing his origins. With this comic being so well-known, Liu and Azzarello had some high expectations to uphold. So…did they succeed?

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Outfit & Makeup of the Day – Ashes of Our Sins & I Vampyre at The Tusk

I’ve had the idea to make “Outfit of the Day” and “Makeup of the Day” posts ever since I started my blog, but I never actually got around to posting them due to a busy schedule outside of my blog. Now, I’m working on changing that and sharing some of my looks on a more regular basis.

I was channeling my inner goth girl when I went to go watch my friends in Philadelphia rock bands Ashes of Our Sins and I Vampyre this past Saturday night, so I decided to make my look match. I’ll give you the details right here:

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