Makeup Kit Brand Haul: Makeup Revolution

About a month or two ago, I made a stop into Ulta to pick up a few items for my makeup kit, which I bring to band gigs with me in case any band members need their makeup done for the stage, and I came across a small new section for a brand called Makeup Revolution. Since they are based in the UK, I had never gotten the opportunity to try any of their products before. This made me curious, so I decided to give a few items a shot.

Makeup Revolution’s Professional Color Correcting Kit gives you eight decently-sized pans (adding up to 0.45 ounces) of colored concealers to cancel out the most common flaws that may poke out from underneath foundation including dark circles and redness, which is pretty nice for the $10 price tag. The concealers are very blendable, but almost to the point where their pigmentation fades. I haven’t found it to be too much of an issue, though, so it isn’t a deal-breaker. The creams can also be kind of greasy, if your skin is a little more acne-prone.

I also decided to purchase both of the Ultra Blush & Contour Palettes (Hot Spice for warm tones, Sugar and Spice for cool tones) so I had different blush colors for different skin tones. (I am really trying to avoid not having a kit that could handle most people’s different needs as to not exclude anyone.) These palettes also give you eight decently-sized pans (0.45 ounces) of matte, shimmer, and baked blush colors to fit just about anyone’s desires also for $10 a piece. I haven’t seen any issues with the blushes so far. (Well, except for the fact that you might need a delicate hand for them due to the pigmentation, especially with matte colors.) I’m happy with them!

The last palette I bought for my kit was their 32-piece Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Palette. At $15, 32 shades adding up to 1.05 ounces of product is almost a steal. (Even moreso because this palette contains a variety of colors.) Most of shades apply fairly well, but some of the shimmers tend to be less opaque and need a few more swipes. Otherwise, it isn’t a horrible purchase for $15. If you’re someone who heavily invests in high quality eye makeup, however, I would save up for something you would truly love.

Have any of you guys gotten to try out Makeup Revolution products? Which are your favorites? Chat with me in the comments!


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