My 4 Toughest Struggles With Thick Hair

“I would kill for your hair!”

“Your hair is so pretty. You’re so lucky!”

Thank you, but try actually having it on your head! I can tell you that it is a pain in the neck (both metaphorically and literally). Don’t get me wrong; I, too, love my hair and how healthy it is. However, I still notice its downsides on a daily basis. So here are my four personal biggest struggles of having a lion’s mane on my head.

1) Why are there so many knots?!

Everyone’s hair knots up, especially after tossing around in bed all night. (Well, at least I end up tossing and turning all night.) But damn, does it hurt to brush in the morning sometimes. Even though I enjoy backcombing (aka teasing) my hair every once in a while, I avoid doing it because I already feel the knots ripping out of my head and my eyes watering. It tangled up so badly when I was little that I needed to get a special detangling spray just to make brushing my hair bearable.

2) You need the patience of a saint to make it look pretty.

You probably think I’m kidding, right? Wrong! Blow drying it takes forever, and whenever I touch a hair straightener, my only objective is to tame the waves and curls that appear naturally as well as tone down some of the frizzy volume. Pin straight hair is a thing of fairy tales in my life. Also, don’t even get me started on how ineffective hair styling tools such as hair clips and hairties can be. (I think I could create a graveyard for all of those pieces who have perished in the battle to keep my hair presentable, to be honest.)

3) I didn’t know I had a hairy dog…

I wish I did, but put that aside. Usually you expect a ton of shedding from a cute pup, but that is not the case in my home (especially in my shower). As far from proud to admit this as I am, I have never seen so much hair in a shower drain until I got older and my hair grew longer. Some bunches up on the bathroom floor from brushing my hair…after it clumps up in my hairbrush. What a mess.

4) Mine grows back so quickly.

Every time I get a haircut, my stylist Hideko makes it look gorgeous. The layers are cut just right to make my locks float and frame my face. (Not to mention that even a trim makes me feel like my head is ten pounds lighter.) The sad part is how short a time that beautiful haircut lasts. Those layers Hideko cut? BYE. After about a month, my hair feels as heavy as it did before my last haircut because they grew out. Again, this is a thing that is a blessing yet a curse.

Well, those are four of my worst struggles with my head. What other struggles do all of you thick hair friends deal with on a daily basis? Do we share the same ones? Feel free to chat in the comments!


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