Makeup Playlist Faves #1 – “Bastion” by Bullet Height

Hey there, everyone! Since music has been a huge part of my life ever since I was in elementary school, I figured sharing some music that I blend with my other love of makeup would be a fantastic idea. Not only do I get to share some of the music that inspires me while creating looks with a certain style or tone, but hopefully it will also turn you guys on to some artists you never thought to check out before.

My first pick for my “Makeup Playlist” section is a newer band featuring a friend of mine over the past couple of years. Bullet Height is a Berlin-based eletronic rock duo composed of Jon Courtney and my friend Sammi Doll. (Sammi used to be part of another band I grew up on and became friends with, but I will end up featuring them at a later date!) Their sound is unique, and it gives off quite an edgy vibe to add on to a grungy/gothy makeup look, when the mood hits me to do so.

Their debut album will be out this spring! In the meantime, check out Sammi and Bullet Height by clicking below and “liking”/following:

Check back in next Friday for song #2 for my “Makeup Playlist Faves”!


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