Practice Makes Perfect: Winged Liner

“The formula for success is simple: practice and then concentration, then more practice and more concentration.”

When you scroll through beauty videos on Instagram (as I often do using that “Explore” tab), sometimes they make you think that those makeup artists with the perfect looks were always that talented from the beginning. However, I always find it to be a good thing when you can look back through older photos and realize just how much work you had to put in in order to enhance your skills. This is why I wanted to create this new category for myself. (Pay no mind to the awful brows on the photo on the right, since it was just one of THOSE days.)

I could begin with the “smokey” eye (more like the muddy eye) going awry, but that’s for another post. I just have to laugh and cringe a little at my eyeliner, since I’d recently began experimenting with winged liner at that time. I never quite steadied my hand then, so holy wobbly lid line that didn’t even make it down to the upper lash line!

It’s been about two years in between those pictures, and it feels really rewarding looking at the crisp, sharp liner on the right hand photo. I never thought I would be one of those people who would be talented at makeup (especially as a tomboy girl growing up), but it feels amazing knowing that I have found a skill that I feel talented at and that I enjoy so much aside from writing, which I’ve known for a long time.

Everyone takes these steps to get better, regardless of what you practice. Stay in touch, since I will definitely have more photos to share soon!


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