Teenage Makeup Days…The Horror

Saying that I “did my makeup” growing up is a loose statement; I pretty much only had a three-step process that REALLY didn’t look great. (That is also a very loose statement right there.) Not to mention that I had an extremely experimental period (albeit very brief) in junior high with way-too-chunky Egyptian eyeliner. Even once I got better, though I never reached the point of looking cracked out, my look took absolute zero skill.

A while back, I decided to recreate my look in high school and even my early days of college the same way I used to it back then. That meant no brushes, no eyeliner tricks, no foundation, no mascara…pretty much nothing except for three items. Ready for the big process reveal?

  1. Slab on some random purple eyeshadow with one of those tiny sponge tip applicators without any primer or other type of base underneath.
  2. Drag whatever eyeliner pencil I had around my eye like a ring whilst mostly avoiding the raccoon eye look.
  3. Slather on some really red (and really uncomfortable) drugstore red lip stain without liner or any foundation base.

I told you it was short. And the results of my little throwback were laughable. It’s easy to get down on yourself when you think you aren’t progressing in a craft you love, which is how I tend to get when it comes to makeup skills. But little exercises like this one help remind me just how far I’ve come, and hopefully something similar will serve the same purpose for at least one of you guys.

Feel free to share your old-school makeup horror stories in the comments below. Love you guys, and I’ll see you on Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Teenage Makeup Days…The Horror

  1. haha I love reading high school makeup throwbacks! I remember using sponge eyeshadow applicators, they were so awful! I almost can’t believe it now, but my friends and I used to wear the cheapest eyeliner pencils we would find and take a lighter and melt the tip so it melted onto your eyelid super thick and stayed all day. I remember my mom found my lighter and was super concerned that I was smoking and I had to tell her no mom, it’s just to melt my makeup.. so cringe worthy!


    1. Honestly, I didn’t start seriously practicing makeup until maybe a couple years ago. I liked buying some pretty palettes and stuff in the past, but I never went crazy and experimented like I do now. (I didn’t even start using foundation until, like, a year and a half ago.) Crazy! Thanks for reading ❤

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