Story Time: Makeup Time with Kaine and Lydia

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: for the most part, I hate children. The sounds of them screeching or crying drive me up the wall and into space with discomfort and anxiety. I never plan on being a parent because I can acknowledge that not-so-pretty part of my personality.

Despite all of this, my nephew (Kaine) and niece (Lydia) taught me a valuable lesson the one time I ever tried doing my makeup with them around: I give their mama a ton of credit.

Makeup time can be stressful enough (even moreso when you decide to do winged liner that day). However, I figured I would be a nice auntie and invite the kids to watch some cartoons up in my boyfriend’s room while I got myself ready to go out shopping; I figured it would be a somewhat calm experience bonding with the kids.

I was wrong.

Lydia was pretty calm; all she wanted in life was to watch some Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol on YouTube. Kaine was the handful, as good of a soul as he has. He wanted to help me, which was kind of him, but his idea of “helping” was emptying everything out of my travel bag, trying to open things, and asking what every single thing was and if he could open them. (Even better, the PS4 controller died, so he kept grabbing it when he wasn’t allowed to and bugging me to make YouTube work again.)

Long story short, I messed up my eyeliner horribly and felt so frustrated that I ended up wiping everything off of my face and going out natural. I saw their mom later on and asked her how she ever does her makeup in peace with the kids around. Her answer? “I lock myself in the bathroom. That’s my quiet time.”

I love the kids, so please don’t think I don’t. The experience just gave me a much deeper appreciation for all of you moms out there who do your makeup and do it well. Props to all of you mamas.


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