Modeling, Makeup, and Mental Health Awareness Month

Though a shroud of stigmas surround them, mental illnesses are probably some of the most difficult disorders to try and deal with. It’s sad when people who don’t understand try to make it sound so easy to handle. On the other end, it’s also a bit exaggerated when people who suffer from disorders like depression and anxiety swear they are unable to at least try to keep it from ruining their life in any way.

Despite what people may think, things really do get better eventually.

I lack the need to lay my whole life out on the table, but I dealt with some tough events in the past up until this point. (Hell, some days the littlest things will still flare me up for a few minutes.) People died, a parent said goodbye (not forever, but had to leave the house), and I wrestled self-loathing the size of a brontosaurus. And I also admit that, up until almost two years, I failed to get myself the sufficient help I needed; it felt easier to sit in bed, mope, and live in ignorance. However, it’s never too late, and I have put in the work necessary ever since on a daily basis, and makeup and fashion were part of that work.

The caption on the first photo: “Apparently I look very good, but I lack the confidence to go out looking like this often.”

I took these two photos about four or five years apart, but there is an unbelievable difference in just one small comparison photo. I learned to love myself (and accept it when I have a short moment of self-loathing) and found aspects of life that brought about a passion and a fire that lay dormant so many years. My passion for fashion (a-ha, that rhymed) even brought out my sleeping professional side and reignited the flame I had for music journalism and the music scene in general in past years.

Moral of the story: Get help when you need it. There is absolutely no shame in needing therapy or maybe even medication coupled with effective coping techniques to get your mind in the right place.

Get out there, help yourself, and live the life that your head never let you see was possible.


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