Maya Brooke 3/4 Sleeve Jacket Dress – Trendy or Trash?

Dresses are still sort of a new style for me, since I spent almost half of my life as a “tomboy” type of girl. My current job, however, convinced me to incorporate more dresses into my wardrobe and fewer baggy band shirts and sweatpants. I want my look to project the professional I perceive myself as to others. (Not to mention looking good always helps you feel good in general.)

A trip to JCPenney surprised me, though, when I saw this Maya Brooke dress. Patterns usually fail to catch my interest; I think the red jacket drew me in the most, though. I’ve been missing a sharp, business-like dress, and it just screamed that to me. I totally bought it.

But is it trendy, or is it just trash? Let’s break it down.

Maya Brooke Shot

Horrible camera angle, nice dress


This dress is 96% polyester and 4% spandex.


The original sale price for this was about $90; I bought it on sale for about $55.

Other Design Details

Red and black stripes criss-cross along the top half of the dress, following the contours of your curves while a solid red triangular piece sits on the neckline and the chest. The total length is 42 inches, so it hits me a little lower on the legs than maybe some others. There is a zipper back closure. The 3/4 sleeve jacket also contains some softer shoulder pads for that angular look.

Overall Fit & Comfort

Dresses are usually comfortable, for the most part, but more fitted dresses run the risk of being too tight. Honestly, though, I forgot I even had it on the first time I wore it. The material stretches just enough to hug the body beautifully and comfortably. Putting aside my stomach, I loved my silhouette in the mirror and felt super confident on a pretty crappy day.

Adding on the 3/4 sleeve jacket helped me channel the professional I know is inside but never shows. I feel sharp and ready to take on the world when I wear it, which even most of my garments I’ve had forever fail to do. (I actually dreamed about this dress for three weeks before I caved and bought it.) My only suggestion when buying is, even though the dress itself has some give to it with the spandex, it still doesn’t hurt to try a size up if you need a more flattering look.

Final Verdict

Do I really need to say it? I love it! This Maya Brooke dress is my favorite wardrobe staple. It’s the first piece of clothing I truly feel thrilled about having. It makes me feel good, I look good, and the sale was good. Can’t beat that!


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