Post-Wedding Rehab & Self Care

While my best friend’s wedding gave me a taste of just how stressful being in the wedding party can be, the day itself was incredibly beautiful. Not only was the venue beautiful, but all of us friends celebrating had a great time, too. The top photo is practically everyone’s new Facebook cover photo, since it captures the happiness and goofiness we all emit when we are together. But so much fun (and my niece getting a pretty owwie boo boo the other day from the dog) also calls for some personal R&R. And I’m more than happy to share some steps with you.

1. Face Masks Everywhere

I love me some skin care; honestly, it is probably my favorite way to unwind and clean some nasty gunk out. I either love a clay/mud mask for my oily days or my Pacifica cocoa mask to tighten up my skin on other tired days.

2. Exfoliation and Moisturization

It may sound weird, but I love any kind of exfoliating wash to get all of the dead flakes off my skin. (The stuff may leave my skin a bit red, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.) And slathering on my favorite eucalyptus lotion from 100% Pure (totally vegan brand, by the way) gives me some aromatherapy, which also helps with my depression if I do it earlier in the day to make me feel more alert.

3. Food, Netflix and YouTube, Oh My

I can’t recall meeting anyone who doesn’t enjoy curling up in a blanket burrito with some yummy food and binge-watching anything they find interesting. Sometimes, for me, it’s a stand-up special marathon on Netflix for a good laugh. Other nights it ranges from fail compilations for hours with my friend and boyfriend or countless crime documentaries and miniseries.




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