Oh, the Things You Learn You Can Do

Up until recently, my faith in myself and my abilities was practically nonexistent. Writing is the only thing that I ever consistently believed I could do well. Even when I first entered the world of music journalism, I never ventured further than only writing articles or album reviews. My friend who owned my first online outlet always went out for show reviews and took care of the photography end. Needless to say, I never anticipated picking up a camera and scheduling press arrangements on my own in the future.

My editor-in-chief Kat helped set up my coverage for Vans Warped Tour, and asked the question, “Are you shooting photos or videos?” I blurted out “Photos” knowing damn well I never handled a DSLR camera a day in my life. There was a short period of time where I considered shifting the responsibility to my brother (the photographer in the family), but I decided to go in blind and try my hand at it anyway.

The result? I found out that I’m beginning to love photography. Not only does going out for coverage help get me out of the house and around people with similar interests, but bringing my brother’s camera (for now) with me to shoot sets me up with challenges every time whether it’s lighting or stage set-up in general. Other aspects of my life have severely lacked a challenge, so a challenging new hobby is exactly what I needed. (It also helps that I seem to have a little bit of a natural knack for it.)

Now, as a writer and now editor for my outlet, I am looking so forward to challenging myself further and only getting better from here. Check out my Photography section for my portfolio, which will be updated consistently.


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