My Favorite IG Account Shout-Outs

What’s up, everybody? And a happy Monday! (Well…as happy as a Monday can be, right?) I have not been able to fully wake myself up today, so I am running on autopilot until tomorrow. Since I lack anything drafted up, at the moment, I decided today would be good for an easy post to give you guys some recommendations of just a few creative beauty and fashion social media accounts to check out that I really love.



As far as a portfolio of multiple “canvases” goes, I really love this official Instagram account for the hair stylists and makeup artists involved with making WWE Divas fabulous every night. My boyfriend is super into WWE, and I enjoy watching from time to time, so that’s a plus. But it is impressive to see how versatile these artists are with different skin types and tones, different face shapes, and different hair textures/accessories. Serves as a sort of inspiration when it comes to doing makeup on other people.



Ezme’s makeup skills are phenomenal, and she always adds a creative twist to even a basic makeup look of the day. While her beauty tends to lean more toward the alternative/gothy side of the spectrum, she has amazing skill that I think just about anyone could appreciate.



Now, if you want a really gothy, super artsy artist to follow, I highly recommend Bex. She is mostly known for her crazy eye and lip art, and I love seeing whatever creative idea she comes up with next. She is another person who gives me a lot of inspiration for my darker creative side.



John Maclean is so extra, and I am here for it! Not only is he talented with makeup and also talented at explaining his process, but he is also so…almost Victorian-like proper just like the decor he makes himself, which is beyond charming. If you want a YouTuber who manages to make your day a little better, go take a look at John’s channel and enjoy his humor.

* * * *

BONUS ACCOUNT: Since her account is a little gruesome sometimes, I won’t add a photo. But if you’re interested in sick shit like forensic pathology and mystery diagnoses, check out @mrs_angemis account to learn a little something new every day!

* * * *

Who are some of your favorites on social media? Let me know in the comments below!


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