The Most Tilt-Worthy Game I’ve Played?

Ohhhhh Cuphead. The talk of the gaming interwebz worldwide for good reason. Not only is the game itself a (mostly) fun experience, but “Cuphead” is one of those games where any gamer (or any person who glances at it, honestly) can easily see the love and care that went into creating it. Most game designers enjoy what they do regardless, but you have to 100% believe in a game to draw it frame-by-frame just like the cartoon movies of old (aka Walt Disney-style).

Image from The Verge (Click for the process article!)

I mean, just look at how amazing this is to see in an age where everything is done solely through digital tools. This kind of game design is completely different, which brings forth a different degree of appreciation. (This is even more so when you see the game in action via play-throughs like this one from John Wolfe.) One of my favorite elements of this game is an element that very few games even offer anymore: local multiplayer for two people! Not only is “Cuphead” reminiscent of vintage cartoons, but it is also a fond reminder of gaming days gone by that a lot of us older young adults remember and loved.

Despite its beauty and creative characters, it is also one of the more challenging games I’ve played in a good while. (It wouldn’t look that way, going by the game’s design elements.) Each boss is annoyingly unpredictable, as they all have their own attacks that not only cause damage, but also serve as a distraction from the heavy hitter. As if each level isn’t difficult enough, the game also grades you based off of your performance offensively with parry attacks but also with HP bonuses, the time it took to complete the level, super meter, coins, and a generated skill level. And let me tell you; it can be harsh getting through a difficult boss only to see a shitty grade at the end.

Despite my minimal bitching, “Cuphead” is a FANTASTIC game. This game is worth every single penny to purchase it. The concept of running point-and-shoot games may not necessarily be a unique one, but this game brings a whole new life to the idea that is always challenging and (most of the time) fun.

Have any of you gamer ghouls played it yet? Let’s talk in the comments!


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