My Idea of Body Positivity (AKA an Unpopular Opinion)

If you enter the world of social media, the body positive moment rings a bell or two. Body positivity took over social justice homesteads like Tumblr and soon leaked out into popular media.  Just hearing any mention of the movement causes controversy left and right, so opinions are everywhere. And sometimes how people try to prove their cases ends up fueling the fire even worse.

So…how do I feel about it?

This is a bit more complicated than a “for-or-against” thought process, since there are so many different aspects to look at. As far as the idea? I am a big proponent of it. I think anyone and everyone deserves to feel confident and proud. People, in general, have so much potential that does not relate to their size or looks; it is also true that sometimes people do feel prejudiced against you due to your size or even discriminate you. (Trust me, since it happened to me before.)

Whom I do take issue with are the people who use the movement as a cover for their own insecurities and a diversion of blame for their shortcomings in order to remain a “victim” of society. Now, before I find an army of people storming to my page in outrage, RELAX; you only feel angry if the shoe fits. I understand people can be really horrible, at times, and being a big girl has its difficulties. But your weight does not impact the quality of work you are able to produce, nor should it affect your drive to get to any goals you set. External circumstances are bound to suck in one way or another, but people calling you fat a few too many times and hurting your feelings is no excuse to feign a confidence that, in turn, attacks the ones who did nothing to you.

To all of you ladies who live with a body positive attitude with a truthful confidence and pride without attacking others, I respect you immensely. It is much easier to fake it and be bitter than face what hurts you head on and come to terms with it all. When I am not at my day job, I do my own work within the cut-throat music industry, and that’s helped make me tough. I went through all of the crap I mentioned before and the low self-esteem. But I also managed to pick myself up over the last couple of years by putting in a lot of hard mental work accepting and mending things in my mentality and attitude. (One of my industry friends even told me recently that I am not the same person she met those years ago.) So it’s possible, dudes.

Point I’m making: Be a confident and cool lady. Don’t attack people.


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