Where Passions Lie – Writing Forms I Love


IG Poem - 5-21-18

Poetry is my absolute favorite form and has been since I was twelve years old. I wrote stories when I was even younger, but poetry has always come easiest and been the most impactful for me. It offers creativity and expression while also challenging you to think about formatting, diction, literary elements (similes, metaphors, etc.), and more.

Numerous issues both psychological and external bombarded me growing up and still bother me to this day. Having a way to put feelings into words was probably life-saving, honestly. I can’t even begin to tell you how many poems at a young age were Edgar Allan Poe-like works portraying the misery that brewed within my mind; those feelings escaping any other way would have hurt either someone else or myself. (More than likely I would have hurt myself before I hurt anyone else.) It gave me something I knew I was good at even when I felt like the worst piece of garbage on the planet.

As far as actual stylistic choices, I used to rhyme my poems when I was younger. (That was a decent challenge for my mind to figure out which words rhymed with which.) However, once I matured in my craft, restricting myself to rhyming felt like my creativity was inhibited. So I delved into free-verse, which was probably one of the most freeing writing choices I’ve made. It’s impressive when I still feel proud enough of my poetry work that I have almost everything documented from 2008 to now!

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