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Playwriting is my second favorite form of writing. However, this only happened recently! My first exposure to actual playwriting came during my time at college. I had a drama creative writing class with my then-professor Alan Hines, and the formatting intrigued me. I have always had a rough time completing longer forms like novels (which I will get into in just a bit), so finding a different way to write a storyline similar to a novel’s with more dialogue was a breath of fresh air. Getting more hands-on with stage directions and cues was interesting to me, as well.

For a while after college, I never wrote another play script. (Heck, I forgot to write in the first place.) A few months ago, though, I discovered it again after watching one of my new favorite movies for the first time. My scriptwriting inspiration actually came from Jim Jarmusch’s film “Paterson”. Obviously, it is a movie and not a play, but the way the filmmaking and writing portrayed everyday life as beautiful and interesting really struck a chord with me and my style now in my mid-twenties.

Playwriting is an interesting form all on its own. And that intrigue struck such a chord in me that I plan on pursuing it in my future. It is a bit ambitious, yes, but I hope I may receive the Artist Diploma for Playwriting at The Juilliard School along with my other graduate studies in poetry.

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