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Last but not least, I do enjoy my journalism from time to time. Most forms of journalism do not excite me much, which is probably why I never fully pursued it career-wise. As a hobby, though, I love doing music journalism. (In case this trend has not also come to light for you, music is a second love of mine.)

What is most beautiful about music journalism, to me, is the fact that I never intended to do it at any point in my life before I was nineteen. I loved music and had a little music blog of sorts, but I never thought of writing articles or reviews. My friend Courtney ended up recruiting me after finding my social media and that music blog to ask me if I wrote reviews and such. Lacking so much confidence, I only promised that I would try to. My first review of Authority Zero landed me with a writer and editor position with her up until she passed away.

Over the years, my free time for music journalism has dwindled a bit due to working full-time and other fun adult stuff. However, there is no way I could completely let it go due to how special it is to me and how many wonderful memories it helped me make throughout the years. I like to think I made Courtney proud when I decided to get back into the field with my newest publication position at AmplifiedEdge.com.

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