Writing Rewind – My First Writings

Happy Monday, and happy Memorial Day to my other friends here in the States! Posting on a holiday is a bit unusual, but post schedules are important. (They also happen to be one of my weaknesses, so I plan on breaking the cycle of dropping off the face of the earth.) I figured today’s post should be a fun one to get over Monday blues for those of us working today. Cringe things online are a pastime for me, so this fits cringe perfectly.

Let me bring you back to my childhood and teen years. Prepare to laugh and maybe even facepalm; I know I did. And talk to me if you have any cringe-worthy stories, too.

Childhood Days

As I mentioned in the past, I started writing at a young age. I also feel like I was a little ahead of my time as far a story goes when I was very young. The first actual story I wrote was loosely an earlier “Ready Player One” mixed with the “Jumanji” movie remake as far as the gaming premise goes. These kids entered a virtual reality world and had three lives. If they lost three lives, they were lost forever. (Good to know I was morbid even as a little kid.) I wish I remembered more details, but I worked on that story very intermittently. It was my special project when I visited my grandparents and worked in their computer room.

I also had some story in mind about a duckling. Again, I wish I remembered any real details about this whatsoever. The only thing I do remember is that the inspiration for this story came after I read one of my favorite books growing up: “The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales”. Yay twisted little kid brain!

Teenage Years

I became braver about my writing once middle school hit. I worked on the school newspaper both in middle school and high school, which exposed me to being published earlier on. I think I published a poem or two in the middle school newspaper before I stuck solely to articles. I also published stories online in fan communities through most of (if not all of) high school. Here is where the cringe begins.

I was one of THOSE kids writing fanfiction like a weirdo. And, of course, I wrote fanfiction about a real person rather than a story character. Criss Angel was my love for years. I feel really mixed about it nowadays, too. There is no question about the first story I wrote and posted; it is the epitome of cringe. I actually found it again doing digging for this post, and I felt humiliated for myself. (Example: the first main character I listed was “Jessica McKeown [Me!]”) There was some love story and kidnapping and I think kids? I turned too red in the face to actually read further again.

The other story I posted in forums actually makes me a little upset. I feel upset because it is very well-written, and I spent that well-written story writing about some guy. It was such a unique idea, too. Maybe I will be able to resurrect it and rework it as a novel or something someday, but still. Rather than it being romantic and creepy, it actually was more thought out and focused more on a familial bond with more realistic drama, in a sense. (It got nice compliments from people, too, so that was nice to see.)

* * * *

What kind of stories did you write early on? Or what kinds of stories did you enjoy reading when you were young? Go ahead and talk to me in the comments. I’ll see you Wednesday!

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  1. Music lover says:

    Oh my God! I wrote fanfiction about me which go to the Hollywood, fell in the street and broke my knee and… meet Hilary Duff, which helps me. She take me to her home. I don`t finished it. Maybe I became Hilary`s sister haha. Crazy fan`s dream


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