Any Way the Wind Blows – My Future Plans

Happy Wednesday, all! I figured today would be a good day to try and map out (to some extent) where I’d like to end up in life. Nothing is guaranteed, and there is no certain path to take. But I at least have a few goals I would like to achieve in my lifetime. I can start attaining these within the next year and a half, and my drive has never been better. I forgot how determined I can be in the right mindset.

What kinds of goals do you guys have for yourselves? Let’s chat in the comments.

Continue My Education Further

I mentioned that I dropped out of college after nearly finishing…I think. (Today is a sleepy day; please forgive me if I did not mention this fact before. Now you know.) Up until a few months ago, I did not know if I wanted to return or not. After working jobs that made me miserable over the almost three years post-university, I realize how much I enjoy learning new things about subjects I love.

Where further education will bring me career-wise, I have no clue. But I can play it by ear; anything can happen, as cliché as it sounds. But I plan on not only finishing my bachelor’s in professional writing but also obtaining an MFA in poetry. (If I’m spending so much money on an education, I might as well put it toward something I love wholeheartedly.) This option could potentially be a stretch, but I aim for acceptance into the Playwriting Artist Diploma program at The Juilliard School to pursue that form of creative writing professionally, too.

Proactively Publish

Outside of education, my biggest goals involve publication of my works. My poetry collection “The Storms We Weather” is currently in formatting stages and due out October 30th. It terrifies me to extremes, but I know this is important for me to do for myself as well as my career. Thankfully I have much more faith in myself nowadays than I did in the past and this does not terrify me into procrastination. While I hope readers enjoy it and the book helps my writing career, the catharsis “The Storms We Weather” gives me is all the more rewarding.

Outside of my poetry, I am also interested in publishing children’s stories for the meantime. I would love to work on a novel one day, but I don’t have the ability to take on a project that size just yet.

Use My Creativity for the Community (Maybe Even the World)

While this does not involve solely my writing, I drew up an idea some months ago to create my own nonprofit organization. I already have the name picked out and a lot of it mapped out. I just need to work on the business plan and gathering the funds in order to process an application to make it a 501 (c)(3). My organization hones in on helping the military community express themselves and their experiences both as a soldier and a civilian with that experience. These people are trained to be stoic and unexpressive; they have a job to do, and they do it. But they are human all the same, and sometimes they lack a way to communicate what they are going through after being trained to say nothing for so long (or even being too paralyzed by trauma to speak about things). That is where we could come in.

I want to organize events on site in Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) buildings, VA hospitals, and maybe even bases one day. There are no certain topics mapped out. Any person willing to volunteer and teach any sort of creative talent (photography, sewing, acting, music, etc.) will be welcomed. Though I have not physically gone to war, I already know the war in my mind all these years drains me even still. I can’t even begin to imagine what they deal with, and my hope is to maybe ease at least one person’s distress or at least give them a voice without a need to speak.

After All the Above? No Idea.

Other than what I mentioned earlier, I have no real game plan as to how life will go. I try to go with the flow as much as possible and take things in stride. (You have no idea how hard that is to do when you feel like you need to know everything in the world down to the smallest details.) What I try to remember is that several unplanned things have happened before, but I’ve turned out (somewhat) okay.

Don’t forget to share your goals below so we can build a community full of support!

One thought on “Any Way the Wind Blows – My Future Plans

  1. Music lover says:

    Hi from Russia! I`m lazy writer. And I hate it.
    Like your blog. Are you know, that you use photo with Russian words “Цели / заметки”?
    I have Bachelor`s Degree of Journalism and I… travel agent! (no, my job don`t allow travel around the world. Salary is small, but I can allow live with some economy).
    I dislike our journalism and prefer more good things. I choose blog. Without themes about death (for example, traffic accident everyday), something political…
    I`m 24 y.o. Many my coevals has children, married for the second time (I don`t envy, really, hah). And me… Life without adequate goals. Lazy – not the one problem. But I try. I`m, looking for myself.
    I wish you success in your idea.

    P.S. May I ask you a stupid question? I mentioned money. I adore coffee. How much is good cup of coffee? (which cheaper than in Sturbucks)


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