Tools of the Trade – My Writing Arsenal

Happy Hump Day, bookworms! And Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans! Today is a beautiful (but kind of freaking hot) day to write, which you already know I’m doing. Since I’m taking today to get a lot of writing work done, I thought it would be fun for us to compare our “writing toolboxes” that we all use. It intrigues me how differently each and every one of us goes about our work, so I hope to hear from you guys what your setups are like.

My Desk

My desk is where a lot of the magic happens…and also the procrastination. (Sue me.) It gets to be quite a mess sometimes, so my notebooks don’t make it here as often as I would like for any kind of brainstorming or first drafting. When I’m not gaming or watching YouTube videos, this is where I access WordPress for second drafts and final tweaks as well as posting to my websites.

I also have Adobe photography software on my computer in case I need to edit pictures for my beauty blog or any music journalism articles. (For the fellow nerds wondering about the specs of the computer, I definitely cannot remember everything as it is a custom build. Let me know if you want a post about it.) I also primarily use this computer to work on formatting my upcoming poetry collection along with any other projects requiring the Microsoft Office Suite.

The Bag

I never go a day without by blue and black bag I got from work. I write on the go often, so any longhand tools I need constantly travel with me. (More often than not it just comes into work with me; however, I do enjoy writing in the park when it’s not too hot or sunny to ruin my pale complexion.) Planner, three different notebooks, pens, a book to read…it’s all in there.

The idea of three different notebooks probably sounds excessive. Maybe it is for some. But they each serve a purpose, which is the important part. My most used notebook is a soft cover teal journal I bought from Walmart for $10 or so. While I’m not a fan of the wide-ruled paper, I still enjoy the bookmark ribbon it comes with so I don’t lose track of where I am. (It also gives me room to doodle if the urge takes me over.) I have another $6 notebook from Target to brainstorm any writing as to keep my brainstorming separate from regular archives of my work. The third notebook was a splurge because it is for my poetry only. I find my poems worthy of a Moleskine, so I have a black one always on hand to copy over finalized poems to transfer to my book manuscript.

I am especially picky about pens, so I only have two types in my bag. My absolute favorite pen is the Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine Point Rolling Ball Pen. It writes smoother than you could imagine, and I love how small the tip is for writing. Since I much prefer college-ruled paper, it makes it much easier for me to control the size of my writing, too. (I use these ones all the time in different colors.) I also keep a few Pentel Sunburst Metallic Gel Pens in my bag for when I journal. I have this thing about putting dates and times in my journal using creative colors to make them stand out, so they work for that purpose. However, they only work for that purpose because being left-handed and using gel pens is a recipe for disaster.

Want to share your toolbox with me and others? Do you want to voice your struggles as a southpaw and make me feel better about my writing smearing? Let’s chat down below! Or you can always chat with me on my social media pages, as well.

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