#AmReading Poetry – Sabrina Benaim, Olivia Gatwood

Hello bookworms, and welcome to the newest feature on my blog called “#AmReading”. (Okay, it’s not the most original name, but we’re going with it because hashtags work nowadays.) Not only do I enjoy sharing my current reads with my readers/followers, but I also like speaking about them to keep myself responsible for finishing those books since being busy makes it difficult. With that said, hopefully you may make a note of the two brief poetry books I’m working on and give them a shot yourself. (Just click on their cover photos to read more about them!)

What are you reading recently? Tell me in the comments or give me some recommendations on my social media pages.

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1. “Depression & Other Magic Tricks” – Sabrina Benaim


The first time I heard Sabrina Benaim’s poetry, I literally got overwhelmed. Throughout the recovery process from depression, you remember that people do understand how you feel to some extent. But something about hearing someone else share a similar experience with such expression struck the suffering child dormant within my spirit who never plans to leave completely.

While I’ve watched her readings in the past, I have never read her words on paper. I have not started it yet, but I hope the power she gives in her readings comes out from the page, too.



2. “New American Best Friend” – Olivia Gatwood


I admit that I watch Olivia Gatwood’s performances less often than I ever have Benaim’s. But since I would get free shipping with $35.00 in my cart, I figured I might give her book a try. From what I saw and heard thus far, I will probably enjoy this book. (Again, I did not begin this book yet due to life taking up my reading time.)

Because I have heard good things about Gatwood’s writing, I will surely let you know in a future review what my thoughts were throughout the experience that is her book. I guarantee they will be honest ones.


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