For the Love of Words – Five of My Favorite Words

Falling in love with words happens to writers frequently. Sometimes trying to narrow down favorite words if we are asked to becomes a laborious task. I took on the challenge for today’s blog post and picked five of my favorite words and share why I love them so much. (I’m a bit of a nerd; get on my level.)  Share your favorites in the comments or send them to me via my social media!

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1. Arcanum

When I hear this word, it sounds mythical and surreal right off the bat. However, once you find the definition for the word, the mystery pertaining to and surrounding those definitions only makes it more exciting. (Since horror, mystery, and paranormal are my favorite genres, this word describes everything I enjoy about them perfectly.) I like this word so much that I even named my up-and-coming literary magazine with it.

2. Surreptitious(ly)

I found this word at a young age through one of my favorite musicals ever: “Wicked”. The songs for that musical are intelligently written with wonderful language, but something stuck out to me when I heard this word used in “Thank Goodness”. (Whether it had to do with how cool and different that word sounded or my amazement that they fit those syllables into that line, I still do not know for sure.) Even today, using “surreptitious” instead of “sneaky” is one of my favorite tactics to make the language in my writing less boring. Plus…it’s just so darn fun to say!

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