For the Love of Words – Five of My Favorite Words

3. Ravenous

When you read the definition for this word, the other words do indeed make sense. But do you feel the same power when you read the word “greedy” or “eager”? Feeling powerful is one of my guilty pleasures, so powerful language is my cup of tea. (It must be a side effect from feeling powerless and hopeless for most of my life before now.) “Ravenous” gives the mental image of animosity and ferociousness that I find truly special.

4. Insolent

Oh man. This is another fun word to say that gives off the power and pettiness I enjoy. I first heard this word in a musical, as well, when I went to see “The Phantom of the Opera” in 8th grade. Erik shouting “INSOLENT BOY!” sent chills down my spine (in a good way, of course). Sure, the “contemptuous” or “insulting” parts of the definition work, too. But the brevity of “insolent” in syllables brings such a command to listen and feel the disdain. Bless Andrew Lloyd Webber and his lyricism.

5. Envelop

When you suffer through mental illness for a long period of time, loneliness lingers for what seems like an eternity. You become so used to it that you even push away someone trying to help heal your wounds out of habit. Three years into recovery, this word still makes me feel as strongly as before but in a more positive light. I did feel enveloped by misery and crappy luck for 11 years before I got help. And now I feel enveloped by love and support from someone I love and who loves me…something I always convinced myself I would never experience because I was such garbage. What a change.

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