Book Review – ‘The Princess Saves Herself in This One’ by Amanda Lovelace

Pros of This Book

1. The Organization

I really enjoyed the chronological order in which Lovelace organized her poetry. It gives readers a clear timeline as to her experiences and what happens to cause her such immense pain, which turns into immense strength and gratitude. Don’t get me wrong, chronological order is not an important thing every poetry book must possess. But for the message she conveyed, she picked a great presentation tactic.

2. Expression of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

No matter how I feel about the writing in the book, I commend the bravery it took for her to lay her life story out for the world to see. You can tell Lovelace does not pull back any punches blown to her in the past through the pain in her words as the story continues. It makes you feel her pain, but it also makes you feel her joy as things move in a more positive direction throughout the timeline. Writing on its own is an expression of yourself and your skills and thoughts; adding your own personal experiences only makes it more terrifying. I commend her for that.

3. The “Titles” at the End Are an Interesting Technique

The decision to make these little blurbs at the end of each poem the title, basically, is a different way to go about naming your poetry. Whenever you read, titles can make or break your desire to continue further. The tactic Lovelace uses is making you read what she has to say first and then you read the title/blurb after she has gotten her point across. It is different and (potentially) risky. But I think it worked for her presentation method.

Cons – Page 3

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