Book Review – ‘The Princess Saves Herself in This One’ by Amanda Lovelace

I enjoy reading poetry, but I tend to stick to the classic poets we all know and love. (My favorites are Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, and John Keats just to name a few.) I have nothing against contemporary poetry (obviously, since I am a contemporary poet myself); I never get around to picking up a book from a recent poet. During one of my trips to Barnes & Noble, I decided to sit down with a book I heard people talking about and give an honest review of it.

My first book review here is on “The Princess Saves Herself in This One” by Amanda Lovelace. Overall rating? 2.5 stars out of 5. It was far from a terrible read, but it did bring up some questions and sour notes for me as I read on. If you want to see why I rated this as such, keep reading below. Whether you agree or disagree, give me your thoughts about this book in the comments or on my social media so we can chat!

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Amanda Lovelace uses her book “The Princess Saves Herself in This One” to share her life story with the world. She tackles the highs and lows of life by expressing herself through words. The overall message? Despite what happens in your life, you are powerful and things become better with time once you have the confidence and the power to believe it.

Pros – Page 2

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