Don’t Touch It – A Genre I’d Like to Write But Will Not

I believe every writer has a genre they have a desire to write but think “There’s no way in Hell I would be able to write that well.” The interest in that particular genre is strong, but they lack the courage to make any attempts to write in that style. (Sticking to what you know is the human experience, as we see in ourselves.) Out of any writing genre, I would say the one to fit this description best for myself would be fantasy.

Why Fantasy?

As a genre, fantasy is great. I became a huge nerd for J.R.R. Tolkein’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy growing up through the movies and then the books. (I was ten years old at the time I watched the first movie; fight me over watching the movies first.) I also really enjoyed “Bridge to Terabithia” and the amazing world Jessie and Leslie created with their imaginations. Do I think I could write something similar to those, though? I’m not too confident about that.

When I say that, I do not mean I lack confidence in any of my writing. I know I write horror, mystery, and suspense well if I am going to write a new story. Fun fact: I’ve actually tried my hand at fantasy while I was growing up, and it is difficult. First of all, you need to have a colorful imagination in order to create an encompassing fantasy world. I don’t seem to have that kind of imagination wired in my brain. I do have imagination, but my imaginative thoughts are more grounded in “reality”. My brain can formulate a great serial killer character, but forget about me trying to write something involving centaurs or elves or whatnot.

Also, though I enjoy watching and reading some fantasy, I do notice that I get bored after a while. The boredom mostly hits if I am trying to write something of my own and my brain feels like how a sputtering engine sounds. Not to mention if trying to write a fantasy story goes as well as every time I try creating a character for my friends’ Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, it’s bound to tank. (I can’t properly explain how bored and off task I get when trying to get that done.)

With that said, I’ll stick to my own strong points. What genre scares you most to write? Let’s chit chat in the comments!

Let's Discuss!

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