Worlds of Wonder – My Favorite Books Growing Up

One of my lifelong loves has always been reading. (I guess that would make sense being a writer, right?) When you read a multitude of books over years, sometimes you lose track of the books you really loved…the books that left a lasting impression on you in one way or another. In today’s post, I decided to reflect on my reading history and pinpoint some of the most influential books in my life to share with all of you. I hope you enjoy!

Which books impacted you in your lifetime and why? Let’s have some chit-chat in the comments!

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The “Junie B. Jones” Series by Barbara Park

When I first entered kindergarten, I was obsessed with Junie B. Jones. I was that kid who cried for my mom every chance I could. (It got to the extent where an aide would need to take me to the library to read and calm down.) I loved her sass and the huge adventures I joined her on (at least at that time). Let me tell you – I hardcore related to the first book, which is pictured on the left.

As a 25-year-old woman, I do not remember much about Junie B. Jones’s stories. What I do carry with me, though, is the ignition of my love for reading at a young age. I also remember it fondly as a series that helped me not feel lonely when I missed my mom or was an outcast from the other kids. And that is so important.

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