Worlds of Wonder – My Favorite Books Growing Up

“Interview With the Vampire” by Anne Rice

71hnZ49tiWLI think it is necessary for any kid leaning more into alternative interests (aka a little darker/morbid) to read at least one Anne Rice book. Rice is one of the most iconic Gothic/horror literary geniuses and is synonymous with the Gothic subculture. From what I remember, I watched the film version of “Interview with the Vampire” on YouTube in parts (oh, the days) and got intrigued in the book. And, man, I was hooked.

“The Interview with the Vampire” was likeĀ nothing I ever read before that point. (Keep in mind that, at 14 years old, I did not read “Dracula” all the way through yet; I saw more “Twilight” around my circle of friends than classic literary vampires.) Reading it almost jarred me because Rice concocted a book that served as a mixture of darkness. evil, betrayal, and grief while also portraying such beauty within that darkness. That ability she has was the main thing to hook me to her work for life. Her character development and voices are amazing, as well, and something I aspire to reach to this day.

(I totally did read all of “The Vampire Chronicles” after this. I still recommend that you do, too!)

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