Worlds of Wonder – My Favorite Books Growing Up

“The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini

51aC4tiXgiL._SX309_BO1204203200_Books always evoked some sort of reaction from me through years of reading. “The Kite Runner”, though, was the first one to physically make me cry and almost make me a little depressed. (Thinking about reading that book while we were on vacation in Rehoboth Beach makes me laugh since the book starts off so sad.)

This book served as a required summer reading book for my AP English course at the beginning of my senior year of high school. I don’t mind reading, so I decided to bring a book or two with me to read on the beach. (Mind you, I never heard of this book at the time; I had no idea this would not be leisurely reading.) Boy, must I have looked like a crazy person sitting in my beach chair crying because of the worst scene in the whole book; I think I was messed up even a couple hours after reading, too.

While it was the first book to make me cry like that, I definitely feel glad that “The Kite Runner” was a book chosen for our course. It lacked the dryness some classic literature we studied had as it was moreĀ  modern setting and writing. Not only that, it also gave an exploration into a completely unfamiliar culture (though fictionally) and took you through the roller coaster ride of Amir becoming a better person as he grows up. The character development was so amazing that I truly felt empty for a couple days after reading when I didn’t “hear” Amir or Hassan.

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