Aiming High – My Writing Goals for 2019

3. Submit at Least 50 Pieces to Literary Publications

The reasoning behind this specific number of submissions I set for myself blends in with my previous goal’s a little bit; I want to use this as a benchmark for myself to hit so I know I am putting in work for my writing career. Obviously more acceptances would be wonderful, but the industry and publications are competitive as hell. I will be happy knowing I even submitted this year.

The best way I keep track of my literary magazine submissions (as well as a literary magazine database) is by using an Excel spreadsheet for each. Please let me know if you are interested in downloading templates of the sheets I created!

4. Finish at Least 3 Ten-Minute Plays

While I have not posted any plays anywhere online (save a snippet on my Instagram), I do enjoy playwriting a lot. I never completed a full-length play, but I did write a one-act play as a final for my Creative Writing: Drama course at Kutztown University. I currently have one ten-minute play in the works that I am playing around with in editing stages (getting people to read the script over, tweaking things I want to change during read-throughs, fixing dialogue, etc.) that I hope to publish in a ten-minute play book or chapbook. We will see how that comes along.

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