Aiming High – My Writing Goals for 2019

5. Write at Least 15 New Poems

Fifteen poems seems to be a small amount for someone who enjoys and writes as much poetry as I do. However, all of us get swept up in life issues or days jobs that may impede on time put toward what we really enjoy. So I wanted to keep a number that seems pretty plausible for an entire year while keeping these possible scenarios in the back of my mind. (My poetry well ran dry a while ago, so hopefully I can fill it back up very soon.)

6. Begin Working on a Full-Length Play

I mentioned writing ten-minute plays already, but I also plan on trying to write a full-length play (two to three acts) this year. Now, I do not expect a lot of work to happen on this right away since I have all of these other goals I want to obtain. But beginning brainstorming or a rough draft will suffice for this goal. The idea I have behind creating this goal for myself is to get the ball rolling on this in the first place.