Aiming High – My Writing Goals for 2019

The new year hitting releases an onslaught of “New Year, New Me” slogans and empty promises galore. (Trust me, I am part of that if I set what most call “resolutions”; that is why I do not make resolutions anymore per se.) However, goals still serve an important purpose in making sure you stay on track toward your dreams, both short-term and long-term ones. And, as cliche as it sounds, 2019 feels like my year as far as my writing career goes. Even if I do not see monetary successes like people usually seek, I feel like I will make myself proud by putting myself out there more than ever.

Rather than leaving my writing goals in my notebook, I want to share them with all of you and hear your writing goals for the year in the comments as well. Enjoy reading through, and I hope you get to share your goals with me so we can encourage one another!

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1. Make Sure My Poetry Chapbook Is Published

I began seriously putting together a chapbook last year, but I never published it last year like I hoped I would. This year, however, this book is going to be published one way or another. (One of the possible ways is something I cannot let on just yet.) Putting my work out there for the world used to terrify me; hell, it still makes me nervous. But I look forward to sharing what I have loved from a young age with others who enjoy the same sort of thing.

Keep this blog in your sights this year so you know when to expect the big release!

2. Receive at Least 25 Rejections

This goal sounds really odd, and it very well may be an odd goal to set. But I want to receive this many rejections so I know that I am putting in the work required to get myself published more frequently. This also challenges a strong sense of perfectionism and a strong fear of failure I held onto since childhood. (I am notorious for never submitting things because “it is not good enough” to put in yet.)

I would like to challenge you fellow writers to aim for a similar goal. If you do, keep me in the loop about your progress. Let us become accountability buddies, if you would like!

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