A Special Thank You for Joining My 2019

Happy Friday to one and all! Hopefully this is your last day of work for the week so you can enjoy a solid two days off. (If you are working tomorrow, please know that I understand your struggle from doing the same occasionally at my day job.) Regardless of whether you have the weekend or not, I have a special show of gratitude to all of you loyal readers that may help you get your writing career kickstarted this year.

I mentioned in one of my posts last week that I use spreadsheets to help me stay organized in multiple facets of my personal writing endeavors as well as professional ones; I also asked if people would be interested in me sharing these sheets. So, even though I am still waiting on actual responses, I wanted to give you guys something special for reading my work consistently and supporting me every step of the way (even the inconsistent ones).

Below are two of my most crucial spreadsheets I use on a daily basis ready for you to download! Not only did I provide the Microsoft Excel format to make filling these out a breeze out for you, but I also supply a PDF format of each sheet for any of you who do not have the ability to access Excel at home or at work. (I was unable to make a good PDF for the database sheet since the boxes would not leave enough room to write or stick to one sheet.)

Thank you for your loyalty and love. I cannot wait to keep moving forward with each and every one of you!

* * * * * * * *

Literary Magazine & Contest Database (.xlsx)

Submission Tracker (.pdf)

Submission Tracker (.xlsx)

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