It’s pretty weird having a bit more of a personal and nostalgic post, but hopefully it’ll be pretty nice. I made a final decision on whether or not to revive a part of my past this week. Sounds pretty vague, yeah? I’ll elaborate, and hopefully all of you reading will be just as excited about the news (or, at the very least, supportive of it); you’ll have even more content to read at a page very dear to my heart!

A lot of you are new here, so you’ll get a bit of information about my background. My first entrance into the music industry was starting a “music blog” (hard to call it that looking back 10+ years later) called My Way Up the Music Staff in 2012. I was a sophomore in college then, so I had a very loose plan of what I wanted the site to be. It ended up being basically song of the day choices, the occasional playlist, and the occasional post about something random that was music-related. It sort of makes me cringe looking back, but I appreciate it for what it is because it got me my first music journalism gig with one of my best friends in the world (R.I.P. Courtney Campbell).

I posted one post, which was a link to a single review I did on Amplified Edge (another site I contributed to), in 2019; otherwise, My Way Up the Music Staff has sat completely dormant for years. I struggled to figure out my direction throughout those dormant years including how I wanted to best utilize and focus this site and its blog section – no time to work on something else. Hell, I didn’t even know if I wanted to run it again or not. Thankfully, after a few years of not going to shows or being involved much in the industry due to a lack of a reliable car along with a pandemic, the past year or two reminded me why I love doing what I’ve always done and what I’ve additionally learned to do (photography).

Rediscovering the importance of music and experiences in my life helped me make a decision about the other blog pretty easy; I’m bringing it back and making it better than 19-year-old me could have ever imagined it! I was going to post reviews and such here originally, but I figured why not post that content along with interviews and such on a page I already had set up in a more organized fashion? Please make sure you follow/subscribe to/bookmark My Way Up the Music Staff to keep up with the posts as the site starts back up. (If you forget, though, I’ll probably end up posting some of my most recent or best posts from the page as a link in a post here.)

Do you want to watch me react to some private posts from all those years ago and pain myself? I’ll be recording a video of that for Patreon community members only. So make sure you join us for a good laugh and other “just for the community” treats!


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