Makeup of the Day – October 25, 2017

Today was my first makeup day in weeks! It was a simple day for work, so nothing real crazy like I usually enjoy. But hopefully you guys enjoy a really simple look while I come up with cooler stuff for you!

Looking for the look and product list? Keep on reading!

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Neon Makeup Tutorial (With Product List)

Greetings again, my favorite ghouls! Today’s post is going to be all about how I did this colorful, glowing look a few days ago including the products/colors I used as well as the brushes I used for application.

To avoid a long and cluttering post, I have posted each aspect of my face as a separate page. So all you have to do to navigate is click the pages below.



Outfit & Makeup of the Day – Ashes of Our Sins & I Vampyre at The Tusk

I’ve had the idea to make “Outfit of the Day” and “Makeup of the Day” posts ever since I started my blog, but I never actually got around to posting them due to a busy schedule outside of my blog. Now, I’m working on changing that and sharing some of my looks on a more regular basis.

I was channeling my inner goth girl when I went to go watch my friends in Philadelphia rock bands Ashes of Our Sins and I Vampyre this past Saturday night, so I decided to make my look match. I’ll give you the details right here:

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Being a Red-Lipped Siren: Why I Love Red Lipstick

Festive Christmas selfie (lipstick: Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “Outlaw”)

The red lipstick look is a classic one dating as far as back as ancient Egypt (Cleopatra would smash beetles to make the lip paint). In modern times, this look exudes an almost otherworldly energy. When many women rock a red lip, they transform into a totally different, more confident individual; red lipstick has that power for me.

Whether it is a bright crimson red or a dark burgundy red, the color is bold, and it brings people’s attention to you pretty much right away. Red lipstick conveys a sense of sexuality, strength, mystery, and confidence that only a person with those qualities (no matter how deep down) can pull off. The main word I associate with it is “fierce”.

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