Practice Makes Perfect #3 – Eyebrows

Filling in your eyebrows is probably one of the most difficult skills to master when improving your makeup artistry skills, so it’s a given that even the best makeup artists started off with badly drawn/filled in eyebrows in the beginning. NikkieTutorials with her “sperm” shape brows is a shining example that always makes me laugh whilst also reminding me that improvement is always possible.

My eyebrows have never been horrible; they are naturally thick and never necessarily needed any makeup over them. (They still don’t, to be honest). But I wanted to learn how to do eyebrow makeup anyway if I ever pursue some sort of side career as a makeup artist. So I practiced on myself. And the results were…well…

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Practice Makes Perfect: Eyeshadow Application

This week’s “Practice Makes Perfect” post is kind of going hand-in-hand with Monday’s post about my teenage makeup routine. Since I primarily focused on my eyes then, I had more eye makeup than anything else in my little (at the time) makeup carrier. Did I really know how to apply the makeup with tact, though? Absolutely not. As I also mentioned in my last post, I had no tools other than my trashy little foam applicators to use before I finally invested in some brushes.

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Practice Makes Perfect: Winged Liner

“The formula for success is simple: practice and then concentration, then more practice and more concentration.”

When you scroll through beauty videos on Instagram (as I often do using that “Explore” tab), sometimes they make you think that those makeup artists with the perfect looks were always that talented from the beginning. However, I always find it to be a good thing when you can look back through older photos and realize just how much work you had to put in in order to enhance your skills. This is why I wanted to create this new category for myself. (Pay no mind to the awful brows on the photo on the right, since it was just one of THOSE days.)

I could begin with the “smokey” eye (more like the muddy eye) going awry, but that’s for another post. I just have to laugh and cringe a little at my eyeliner, since I’d recently began experimenting with winged liner at that time. I never quite steadied my hand then, so holy wobbly lid line that didn’t even make it down to the upper lash line!

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My Makeup Evolution

As I mentioned in a previous post, I played with makeup at an early age just as many other little girls do, and then I grew out of it. For years I thought I would be the last person who would have any interest in beauty. Now look at me; I’m running my own fashion and beauty blog, and I’m even contemplating going to cosmetology school. Since I recognized this shift, I wanted to explore just how I transitioned into a makeup geek over the years.

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