Jess’s Shopping List #3: Torrid’s ‘Rebel Wilson Collection’

Hey there, lovely readers! I had some down time at work over the weekend and noticed that I haven’t posted any items that really struck my fancy recently. So I started putting together list after list by online window shopping, and Torrid was my first visit. I never gave Rebel’s collection a really good look to see what I like before, so here we go! (Let us also be proud of the fact that I didn’t buy anything while making lists.)

1. Embellished Surplice Dress ($68.50 normally, currently on sale for $51.48)

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As some of you may have read in my last post, I never used to have any interest in dresses AT ALL. But recently that has changed drastically (meaning I now own seven or eight dresses). The majority of my clothing is black, but how can anyone go wrong with a classy black dress? It’s versatile for either a casual day of errands and walking around or for a formal event. Not to mention I love the way this dress hugs the model’s body. (Yes, I know we’re all not built like the model and it will look different, but it still looks gorgeous on her.)

While this dress primarily has good reviews from buyers, a few others mentioned that the fabric feels bulky, the sizing runs small, and one reviewer (Ashw9593) even said, “Word to the wise if you are bigger then a size 1 this dress is not for you. It is unflattering and will make your look bulgy. Trust me, save yourself the trouble of this disaster!” It’s still super pretty, so maybe I’ll buy it soon and give my own review. Let me know below if you want to see that!

2. Multi Zip Skinny Jeans ($68.50 normally, currently on sale for $51.48)

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I need another pair of black pants like I need a hole in my head, other people would say. But black pants are truly my religion! Black is so neutral, and I can always create new outfits easily by making the black pants the base item. (Not to mention I like looking goth and kind of looking like a badass anyway.)

These pants look like they’d fit really well and hug in all the right places, so I’m definitely ready to buy these the moment I’m able to. The zippers on top are also a really cute detail that none of my other pairs of black pants have. I don’t tuck in my shirts too often or wear crop tops to really show them off, but I’d still feel cute knowing they’re there. Plus, I could always use these pants for an outfit where I actually would tuck my shirt in.

3. Coated Jeggings ($58.50 normally, currently on sale for $43.98)

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If I had to pick one word to describe these jeggings, it would be “unique”. I love the addition of the zippers (as we know from the previous item I mentioned) to give the pants a more visible metallic pop, but I also love the panels on the thighs and the black ponte. I can definitely say I don’t own any pants like these, so these are a necessity.

So there’s my list for today. Also, in case you guys didn’t know, Torrid is currently running an online only¬†promotion that is either “Buy One, Get One (BOGO) 50% Off Regular Price” or “BOGO $5 Clearance”. Just enter¬†“CELEBRATE” at checkout to save and take advantage of such a good sale!

Happy shopping! XOXO


Jess’s Shopping List Item #2: Big Guns for ASOS Retro Halter Swimsuit with Leopard Trim

Photo courtesy of ASOS Curve

Hello, everyone! I apologize for the blog being on a small hiatus, but now I am back to posting! Unfortunately, I found out yesterday that my Lane Bryant swimsuit I purchased years ago is too small for me, so that means I need a new swimsuit for the rare occasions when I actually get to swim or sit in the hot tub at my workplace.

I have never made a purchase through ASOS Curve, but other plus size bloggers rave about this place and how it can be a bit more affordable than some other stores. While I’m still not thrilled that I may have to spend $68 on this really cute swimsuit, it definitely beats the $100 (maybe a little more) I spent on this one that is too tight when I bought it. This is available in sizes 14-24, so at least there is a little bit of a size range.

Interested in this swimsuit, too? Click the photo or click HERE to purchase it!

Jess’s Shopping List Item #1: Plus Size Leopard Print Blazer

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Hello, everyone! Today is the day I begin ogling some clothing and archiving it all for you guys to enjoy. For people who are not aware, I am, basically, a walking 80s rock cliche half the time. I enjoy my leather pants, leather jacket, and studded almost everything. But the most cliche thing that I love about that time is animal print, especially leopard print. If it has leopard print on it, I want it.

I scrolled through my Tumblr dashboard just a few minutes ago, and I just had to give this a look. This is a leopard print blazer from a store I have already mentioned a few times here called Rainbow. This blazer is available in 1X, 2X, and 3X, and it isn’t very expensive, either, at $22.97 (not including shipping, but still).

Hopefully at some point I can pick this up and love it forever and ever. I need more leopard print, seeing that I only have one leopard print dress.

If you want to take a look and buy it, either click the photo or click HERE to get to Rainbow’s website.