Makeup Playlist Faves #5 – “We Don’t Have to Dance” by Andy Black

Summer is just beginning, and that means one of my favorite events of the summer is also on the way: Vans Warped Tour! Even though I attended the festival a few years in a row, the music isn’t particularly what I seek out. (My musical tastes tend to lean a little more old-school rock and roll rather than pop punk or metalcore, which practically dominates the festival.)

Since the day I go for press coverage and friends is arriving, I figured I would make my music segment here a little lead-up to the day. “We Don’t Have to Dance” is one of Andy Black’s (aka Andy Biersack’s) catchier new tracks I felt like sharing; it’s nothing mind-blowing, but the music is fun.



Makeup Playlist Faves #4 – “I Want a Woman” by RATT

Oh, man. I love me some Ratt ‘n’ roll, especially when it’s vanity time. Picking two 80’s songs in a row was totally unintentional, but that music is just the best when I plan on looking sharp and fierce.

RATT is one of those bands I happened to discover on my own when I was about fourteen. “Round and Round” was on one of those old Monsters of Rock compilation CD’s, and I loved their sound ever since. They have such a bluesy, yet edgy sound to them which stands out among the other bands of the decade people tend to think about first.

The whole Reach for the Sky album is probably my favorite album of theirs overall. The music is so memorable and well-written; I think even people not too fond of 80’s metal could at least respect the musicianship on it.

Thanks for checking out today’s track, and I’ll see you on Monday.

Makeup Playlist Faves #3 – ‘Kitten’s Got Claws’ by Whitesnake

Happy Friday, everybody, and thanks for checking out another song that gets me pumped for vanity time. This week’s pick is yet another throwback for the week, this time to 1989 and (in my opinion) one of the better bands to come out of the 80s hard rock era.

David Coverdale is one of my absolute favorite lead vocalists even in the present. After singing for over 40 years not only for Whitesnake, but also for Deep Purple, his voice is still incredibly solid in the present. The band’s music alone is confident and sexy, which helps the confident vibes flow while I’m getting ready to go out for the night or just tackle the day ahead of me. (Not to mention this is just an awesome speeding song when you’re driving, as well…but I never said that.)

Oh, and the photo in my header that was the hint for today’s song? I’m wearing it in my photo from this past summer! That is a photo of my Whitesnake bandana which is tied up almost pin-up like in my hair. Think it makes a pretty cool background, too.

Anyway, keep rocking everyone, and see you all again on Monday!

Makeup Playlist Faves #2 – “Bitter Rat” by Kore Rozzik

Welcome back to my Makeup Playlist Faves! This week, I decided to feature another band that I’m friends with who are absolutely talented and going places (though slowly, but surely). Kore Rozzik is a raw hard rock/heavy metal band hailing from Queens, NY, and they will actually be on the road over the next couple months or so. If you like what you hear, make sure you catch them at Dirty Dog Bar on March 17 for SXSW, Stanhope House April 28, and at Rocklahoma May 26-28!

Can’t make it to a show? Have some links to their online pages and show them some love with your “likes” and follows!

Makeup Playlist Faves #1 – “Bastion” by Bullet Height

Hey there, everyone! Since music has been a huge part of my life ever since I was in elementary school, I figured sharing some music that I blend with my other love of makeup would be a fantastic idea. Not only do I get to share some of the music that inspires me while creating looks with a certain style or tone, but hopefully it will also turn you guys on to some artists you never thought to check out before.

My first pick for my “Makeup Playlist” section is a newer band featuring a friend of mine over the past couple of years. Bullet Height is a Berlin-based eletronic rock duo composed of Jon Courtney and my friend Sammi Doll. (Sammi used to be part of another band I grew up on and became friends with, but I will end up featuring them at a later date!) Their sound is unique, and it gives off quite an edgy vibe to add on to a grungy/gothy makeup look, when the mood hits me to do so.

Their debut album will be out this spring! In the meantime, check out Sammi and Bullet Height by clicking below and “liking”/following:

Check back in next Friday for song #2 for my “Makeup Playlist Faves”!

Outfit & Makeup of the Day – Ashes of Our Sins & I Vampyre at The Tusk

I’ve had the idea to make “Outfit of the Day” and “Makeup of the Day” posts ever since I started my blog, but I never actually got around to posting them due to a busy schedule outside of my blog. Now, I’m working on changing that and sharing some of my looks on a more regular basis.

I was channeling my inner goth girl when I went to go watch my friends in Philadelphia rock bands Ashes of Our Sins and I Vampyre this past Saturday night, so I decided to make my look match. I’ll give you the details right here:

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A Nod to a Legend in Heaven’s ‘Little Red Corvette’

My darker emotional makeup tribute to the late and great Prince

By the time this is posted, pretty much the entire world has heard about Prince’s death yesterday. I’m usually not a person who feels completely heartbroken when artists die, but Prince is a different story. He wasn’t my favorite artist of all time (that’s KISS), but he was fundamental to my development as an individual nonetheless, and I wanted to honor him in some small way that I could.

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