An Ode to My Sad 32-Bit Laptop

While I enjoy sitting around in my room and relaxing with a face mask on just like many other ladies do, I tend to keep mine on while I play a few League of Legends matches or level up my Blood Elf mage in World of Warcraft. (Let me tell you that it makes the mask waiting time a whole lot quicker.) Sadly, my computer is not the best, and it drives me mad when I want to play some newer amazing games.

Here is my sadness in literary form:

My crappy Dell that sits atop my desk,
You whir and heat up on each end
As you try displaying the graphics
Beyond which you could ever comprehend

I installĀ ‘Dead By Daylight’
And the happiness swells inside
As the loading screen pops open
Before it closes up and dies

“The minimum requirement is 64,”
The requirements on Steam said
As I sighed and groaned a little
Because you have 32 instead

I dream of a far away day
When my graphics can run on high
Rather than at the lowest
And it’s still lagging…

To the Steam games I have browsed:
You will be with me someday
When this toaster makes its final whir
And my new friend can make its way


Disappointing Pants at Torrid


When I took a trip to Torrid a few weeks ago, I originally went to find items that interested me from the Rebel Wilson collection. However, when I made my way to the clearance pants rack, I found the awesome pants shown above. I had seen them online for about $100, so when I saw them for cheaper in-store, I knew I had to try them on (especially because I fell in love with the oxblood color).

The only pair of oxbloods left was a 20, which I figured could work. I also grabbed a black pair in an 18, just to be safe. Of course, the oxblood pair went on first once that dressing room door closed. But I didn’t get the magical reaction to them that I thought I would.

They fit fine around my waist, but the legs were so big on me that the supposed-to-be sleek faux leather pants more resembled those on parachute pants. (Last I checked, I’m not MC Hammer.) I felt discouraged, but I still hoped that a size smaller would fit me perfectly. That wasn’t the case, either, apparently.

I will say that the black size 18 pair I put on next looked much better on my legs. If only they didn’t almost cut me in half around the waist. Even more discouraged, I walked around a little bit, hoping that maybe they were loose enough when I moved that I could power through the tight fit. Unfortunately, I almost walked like a cowboy in a shoot-out because they were that tight on me.

I can’t say that the pants are absolutely beautiful because they really are. And, obviously, not every pair of pants will fit every body type. Regardless, I have had the same issue with some different pant styles in Torrid’s catalog as well as even a pair of Tripp faux leather pants, which really disappoints me. I have a more prominent waistline, and my legs are much more toned and thinner than my stomach, which sometimes makes shopping for nice pants like that tough; I fill out one section, but not the other. Add the fact that I’m short into the equation, and that equals a struggle trifecta.

If you’re taller and not in between thinner or thicker legs, these pants will look absolutely gorgeous on you; if they’re on sale near you, don’t hesitate to grab them up. It just stinks that they didn’t work out for me.