Q: How old are you?
I am 24 years old!

Q: How tall are you?
I am indeed a munchkin, standing at a little under 5 feet solid.

Q: What sizes are you?
It really depends on the store and what exactly I’m buying. In shirts, I’m mostly a 14/16, though sometimes snugger shirts I’ll need to buy in an 18/20. Pants I range from about 18 to 24 (again, depending on store). Shoes I’m usually a 9W.

Q: Is that your natural hair color?
Yes. I used to dye my hair, but I developed an allergy. So now I leave my pretty natural color alone.

Q: What is your goal for this page?
My ultimate goal for this site is not only to help find my way on the path to self-love and self-confidence as a plus size woman, but I also want to help other plus size women appreciate themselves and how beautiful they are, too. I also want to show that everyone is beautiful in their own way, since I’m totally against body shaming ANYONE. (Putting my professional PR work on here definitely doesn’t hurt, either.)

Q: Where do you find your clothes?
No place in particular, honestly. I’ve gotten some things from JCPenney, some from Hot Topic’s “Plus Size” section on their site, Old Navy, lots of places online.

Q: You post things about topics other than fashion and beauty. Why is that?
Well, the reason I post other topics on here is because, while I would love for my blog to take off and inspire other people, this blog is primarily for myself and my myriad of interests. I’m a human being who has interests outside of fashion and beauty, and those include nerdy things like video games and comics.

As far as the posts about mental wellness go, I find it to be an important topic to discuss freely and openly. Not only do these discussions help other people overcome their disorders, but they also help me work through my own disorders and demons.

If you want to know answers to more questions, head over to the “Contact” page and send a message.