Partners In Projects

While I became a music journalist at 19 years old and continue it today, the photography part was never (and still isn’t) my forte. I know not everyone can have a talent for everything, but sometimes that lack of photography skills serves more as a disadvantage for me compared to my other press friends. However, my friend I wrote for handled all of the show photos, and I never had to worry much about those.

Fast forward to my current outlet, and I have more responsibility regarding every step of the editorial process (photos, contacting publicists and all). I can handle the writing and press communications just fine; photography is the only part that makes me nervous. Even when it comes to blogging on my website, the photography element of my media makes me more nervous than anything else because…well…I’m not good at it.

That’s where my brother comes in.

Conor heavily developed an interest in photography and graphic design near the end of his time in high school, which still goes strong today many years later. But even though he is great at taking pictures, he could never write a 100-word article or write professionally. As we’ve grown professionally, however, we seem to have come together when it comes to our work.

Not only has he taken photos for me in the past, but we also have some press work to do at our Vans Warped Tour date in July. Originally, I was in charge of photography for the day and trying to work out shooting the show with lack of experience as well as a lack of professional equipment, since Conor was supposed to be in Reno at that time. Well, that fell through, so now I’m throwing him to the wolves (which he’s perfectly happy about).

I’ve blabbed enough. But I’m excited to show you all what we’re capable of together.