Get My Glow On? (Sometimes)

Oh, highlighter. So many beauty influencers and makeup novices alike just love covering themselves in the stuff and looking like they just bathed in canola oil. Throughout my time doing makeup, no product has ever made me feel as uncertain about it as highlighter.

Does having a bit of strong glow look nice every once in a blue moon? Absolutely. I’m far from anti-highlighter. I just never feel the need to put it practically all over my face or on my shoulders (as some people do). Nor do I feel like seeking out the boldest highlight that will let aliens pick me out of a crowd. When I do decide to glow, I like it softer to bring¬†just enough life into my dead-looking face (a look which I totally enjoy).

My go-to subtle highlight has been the Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in “Translucent Pearl”. Once I apply it using a slightly dampened fan brush, it leaves me with a tiny bit of glow noticeable when under proper lighting, which is fine. If you like minimal shine, I highly recommend it. (And of course, if you prefer a strong highlight, plenty of other ladies have those recommendations.)

What are your thoughts on using highlighter and types of highlighters? Let’s talk in the comments. I’d love to hear from you guys.


My 4 Toughest Struggles With Thick Hair

“I would kill for your hair!”

“Your hair is so pretty. You’re so lucky!”

Thank you, but try actually having it on your head! I can tell you that it is a pain in the neck (both metaphorically and literally). Don’t get me wrong; I, too, love my hair and how healthy it is. However, I still notice its downsides on a daily basis. So here are my four personal biggest struggles of having a lion’s mane on my head.

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Makeup Kit Brand Haul: Makeup Revolution

About a month or two ago, I made a stop into Ulta to pick up a few items for my makeup kit, which I bring to band gigs with me in case any band members need their makeup done for the stage, and I came across a small new section for a brand called Makeup Revolution. Since they are based in the UK, I had never gotten the opportunity to try any of their products before. This made me curious, so I decided to give a few items a shot.

Makeup Revolution’s Professional Color Correcting Kit gives you eight decently-sized pans (adding up to 0.45 ounces) of colored concealers to cancel out the most common flaws that may poke out from underneath foundation including dark circles and redness, which is pretty nice for the $10 price tag. The concealers are very blendable, but almost to the point where their pigmentation fades. I haven’t found it to be too much of an issue, though, so it isn’t a deal-breaker. The creams can also be kind of greasy, if your skin is a little more acne-prone.

I also decided to purchase both of the Ultra Blush & Contour Palettes (Hot Spice for warm tones, Sugar and Spice for cool tones) so I had different blush colors for different skin tones. (I am really trying to avoid not having a kit that could handle most people’s different needs as to not exclude anyone.) These palettes also give you eight decently-sized pans (0.45 ounces) of matte, shimmer, and baked blush colors to fit just about anyone’s desires also for $10 a piece. I haven’t seen any issues with the blushes so far. (Well, except for the fact that you might need a delicate hand for them due to the pigmentation, especially with matte colors.) I’m happy with them!

The last palette I bought for my kit was their 32-piece Mermaids Forever Eyeshadow Palette. At $15, 32 shades adding up to 1.05 ounces of product is almost a steal. (Even moreso because this palette contains a variety of colors.) Most of shades apply fairly well, but some of the shimmers tend to be less opaque and need a few more swipes. Otherwise, it isn’t a horrible purchase for $15. If you’re someone who heavily invests in high quality eye makeup, however, I would save up for something you would truly love.

Have any of you guys gotten to try out Makeup Revolution products? Which are your favorites? Chat with me in the comments!

Beauty Faves On a Budget #1: e.l.f. Studio 96-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette

I only began pursuing my interest in makeup artistry about a year ago, so I lacked a variety of products in the beginning. (Hell, I never even used base makeup like foundation until this past October.) The only things I owned were a few lipsticks (mostly red and a nude and purple), Kat Von D’s eyeshadow palette, one eyeliner pencil, one Sonia Kashuk mascara, and five travel-sized brushes that I didn’t completely understand how to use. However, my vanity got a stock improvement once Christmas rolled around.

Of course I got some higher brand names from my family like the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette I wanted so badly and two Kat Von D liquid lipsticks. But I was surprised when a co-worker told me that she received some makeup that she wouldn’t use and offered to regift it to me. The next time we worked together was the day she handed me this 96-piece eyeshadow palette from e.l.f.

While the shadows in this palette may not be top quality, they are still very pigmented and blendable for the price ($20, but now unavailable). I’ve created quite a few beautiful eye looks with this palette, and the variety of different colors almost pushes me to experiment with colors I never thought I would wear before. You can decide on a simple and quick day look just as easily as a dark smoky night look (Though if I’m going for a darker rocker/goth look, I tend to use a different palette with deeper pigmentation.)

The shadows themselves are super soft, which makes it easier to get onto an eyeshadow brush, but also increases any chance of fallout while blending them out. So do be careful with that one.

Other than risk of fallout and the layering you may have to do for certain lighter/less opaque colors, this palette is a great budget alternative to binging on several palettes from brands like Morphe (though those are fantastic, as well). As a company alone, e.l.f. has seldom failed to impress me, and I highly recommend checking out all of their cruelty-free (and vegan!) products.

Outfit & Makeup of the Day – Ashes of Our Sins & I Vampyre at The Tusk

I’ve had the idea to make “Outfit of the Day” and “Makeup of the Day” posts ever since I started my blog, but I never actually got around to posting them due to a busy schedule outside of my blog. Now, I’m working on changing that and sharing some of my looks on a more regular basis.

I was channeling my inner goth girl when I went to go watch my friends in Philadelphia rock bands Ashes of Our Sins and I Vampyre this past Saturday night, so I decided to make my look match. I’ll give you the details right here:


  • Tripp Black Lace Sleeve Dress ($68.50)
  • Easy Street Black Patent Croco Wynne Boots (Christmas gift)
  • Sterling silver white quartz dreamcatcher necklace from Crystal Cave ($5.00)
  • Custom-sized white gold pearl ring with diamond accents (16th birthday gift)


  • Ulta Makeup Setting Spray (both as primer & to set)
  • Ulta Color Correcting Palette
  • Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation in “Light 44”
  • Milani Prep+Set+Go Transparent Face Setting Powder
  • Ulta Contour Kit
  • NYX HD Blush in “Intuition”
  • NYX Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade in “Espresso”
  • Urban Decay Original Primer Potion Eyeshadow Primer
  • Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics Intense Ink Liner
  • NYX Le Chick ¬†Flick Waterproof Mascara
  • NYX Matte Lipstick in “Up the Bass”

A Nod to a Legend in Heaven’s ‘Little Red Corvette’

My darker emotional makeup tribute to the late and great Prince

By the time this is posted, pretty much the entire world has heard about Prince’s death yesterday. I’m usually not a person who feels completely heartbroken when artists die, but Prince is a different story. He wasn’t my favorite artist of all time (that’s KISS), but he was fundamental to my development as an individual nonetheless, and I wanted to honor him in some small way that I could.

Prince always stayed true to himself, both as an artist and as a human being, throughout his entire career. He showed that musicians could still be commercially successful while staying true to their own roots and style with enough dedication, talent, and heart. He, along with other amazing artists like David Bowie, taught us younger ones that you should always and unapologetically be true to yourself and express yourself in your own style. I admired this so much about him, and he helped me become comfortable in my beautiful (and sometimes very quirky) skin.

Since I lack the musical talent to cover any of his music, I decided to take Prince’s “love symbol” and incorporate it into my own art form. Though it was tedious (especially free-handing the symbol), this was a lot of fun for me to do. Feel free to comment below if you would like to see a tutorial for this tribute!