I’ve Been Having a Tough Time…

Hello, all of you spooks. I know I promised the posting schedule will be better, but stressors on the outside have made it nearly impossible for me to focus on my work. My best friend is getting married on Saturday, which led to a few conflicts that blew up into something way worse than it should have been. (Luckily, everything is all right for now.) My full-time job at a casino was insanely busy due to Memorial Day weekend, and I also work extra days straight due to the wedding coming up over the weekend.

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Neon Makeup Tutorial (With Product List)

Greetings again, my favorite ghouls! Today’s post is going to be all about how I did this colorful, glowing look a few days ago including the products/colors I used as well as the brushes I used for application.

To avoid a long and cluttering post, I have posted each aspect of my face as a separate page. So all you have to do to navigate is click the pages below.



Story Time: Makeup Time with Kaine and Lydia

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: for the most part, I hate children. The sounds of them screeching or crying drive me up the wall and into space with discomfort and anxiety. I never plan on being a parent because I can acknowledge that not-so-pretty part of my personality.

Despite all of this, my nephew (Kaine) and niece (Lydia) taught me a valuable lesson the one time I ever tried doing my makeup with them around: I give their mama a ton of credit.

Makeup time can be stressful enough (even moreso when you decide to do winged liner that day). However, I figured I would be a nice auntie and invite the kids to watch some cartoons up in my boyfriend’s room while I got myself ready to go out shopping; I figured it would be a somewhat calm experience bonding with the kids.

I was wrong.

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Practice Makes Perfect #3 – Eyebrows

Filling in your eyebrows is probably one of the most difficult skills to master when improving your makeup artistry skills, so it’s a given that even the best makeup artists started off with badly drawn/filled in eyebrows in the beginning. NikkieTutorials with her “sperm” shape brows is a shining example that always makes me laugh whilst also reminding me that improvement is always possible.

My eyebrows have never been horrible; they are naturally thick and never necessarily needed any makeup over them. (They still don’t, to be honest). But I wanted to learn how to do eyebrow makeup anyway if I ever pursue some sort of side career as a makeup artist. So I practiced on myself. And the results were…well…

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Practice Makes Perfect: Eyeshadow Application

This week’s “Practice Makes Perfect” post is kind of going hand-in-hand with Monday’s post about my teenage makeup routine. Since I primarily focused on my eyes then, I had more eye makeup than anything else in my little (at the time) makeup carrier. Did I really know how to apply the makeup with tact, though? Absolutely not. As I also mentioned in my last post, I had no tools other than my trashy little foam applicators to use before I finally invested in some brushes.

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Welcome! (Featuring One of My Favorite Looks)

Hello, everyone! This is a brand new website and blog I’m creating so I may hopefully get to connect with you as well as share what I’ve been up to in my life. My name is Jessica, and I’m studying Professional Writing at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. But there will be more in my “About” page for you to check out.

I kind of decided to also get started with the plus size blogging I’ve wanted to do for quite a while (thanks to women like Tess Holliday promoting self-love and body positivity). Now, obviously bloggers normally take a nice photo with a camera, and I’m going to do that here. However, this was a spur-of-the-moment choice, and I loved this outfit, so you get an Instagram selfie.

I wore this outfit out a few weeks ago when the weather finally was nice here (though now you wouldn’t know it was warm once), and I’m in love with it! I never used to wear shorts or tube tops, but last summer I made the choice to say “Screw it” and expand my wardrobe. Here’s all of the components of my look (with makeup included):

  • Red tube top – Rainbow Shops (pretty similar to now-closed Fashion Bug, Forever 21+, etc.)
  • Shorts – also from Rainbow Shops (brand is Kenneth Lopez)
  • Sandals – can’t remember the brand, but I found them at Kohl’s randomly
  • Lipstick – Maybelline New York ColorSensation lipstick in “Nude Lust”
  • Eyeliners – Revlon Colorstay pencil on the bottom, e.l.f. liquid eyeliner on the top
  • Eyeshadow – NYX “Wicked Dreams” palette

Bit of a long post to get things started, but hopefully you guys will join me and enjoy the ride!