Jessica McKeown is a music journalist and a freelance music industry publicist with a concentration in bands throughout the eastern portion of Pennsylvania. Jessica developed an interest in public relations after serving as Public Relations Officer on her high school’s Student Council in 2011. She then attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and continued taking courses in her Professional Writing major curriculum that taught her more about the writing techniques used in those fields to implement creative marketing.

Jessica also implements hands-on field experience in both her practices. Her friend and former editor-in-chief Courtney Campbell recruited her to her online music publication when she was 19 years old, which also led to her two-week run on the Vans Warped Tour in 2014. She assisted Los Angeles indie group My Satellite in promotions with a fan page in 2013 and a press release in 2014; this led to her future work with bands in Philadelphia.

Outside of the music world, her blog captures her other favorite interests, keeping her website multi-faceted and uniquely hers. Jessica is especially passionate about cruelty-free beauty, plus-size fashion, and video games. She also focuses on overall wellness after her own struggles in the past helped her grow moving forward, and she wishes to share whatever knowledge she can to others who, too, are struggling.


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