2022 was…a year. I can’t say the entire year was bad, but enough bad happened that I would prefer 2023 not being just like it.


I guess we can start off with some of the not-so-great aspects first to get them out of the way quickly. We kicked off 2022 in our house with two of our pets either dying or potentially dying in the first two months. (Our dog Reggie ate a ton of chocolate and needed an ER trip in January, and my guinea pig Midge died from bloat in February.) Doctors found a small sliding hiatal hernia in September of 2021, which I thought would be the only health concern I’d need to manage after being mostly healthy my whole life. Little did I know that I would also get a 5 or 6 mm kidney stone in June needing surgery and five months of gallbladder attacks until July when it was removed. Recently, I haven’t been able to keep my allergies in check this fall/early winter...a lot of feeling sick this year.

I also found out my mom was sick at the end of the year; that was just a “bit” scary, I’d say.


Despite the year being tough more often than not, some awesome things also happened. I started doing photography through concert coverage in August, which has given me the opportunity to photograph some absolute legends (Styx, REO Speedwagon, Testament, and Smokey Robinson among more). This opportunity has also helped me start networking with some awesome people both photographers/journalists and artists. The best thing to come from starting my journey, though, was discovering my love for the art itself and, more specifically, city and street photography.

I’ve traveled in 2022 more than ever (even if the spots aren’t far away), and a lot of that is thanks to my photography journey. Working on my art has led me back into traveling to Philadelphia and New York City (especially New York City, though) fairly constantly, and it’s awakened the wanderlust I had many years ago that made me want to tour with musicians. (I think finally taking time for my May vacation in Nashville also showed me how important it is for me, personally, to get out and about; I thrive when I’m socializing and around others.)

For the most part, I’m happier than I have been in a long time. I feel like I have an artistic direction for the first time in years and feel passionate about my craft. And I look forward to seeing what 2023 has to offer.


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